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1.0 out of 5
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  • (1.0 out of 5.0)
    RUN AWAY! Worst Dealer EVER - Total Nightmare!
    by Joaquine, GM and Josh from Fort Wayne, Indiana | July 24, 2020

    ON’T DO IT! Run away - Fast! Dealing with this place will be the biggest mistake you have EVER made! Beware Joaquine and Josh! First of all, 2 vehicles we locked in were nothing but bait-and-switch tactics and false advertising. After going through the grueling process of supplying all the documentation to secure financing, we were told the car we held was, “sold over 10 days ago” but it was never removed from their system. Yah, ok. Second vehicle we locked in, redid financing terms again because it was a different price, had our credit dinged AGAIN, and then we were told someone was selling the car we locked in two days prior, at the dealership that very instant. (What?!) But what’s hilarious is this vehicle is still showing as available online, 12 days later! (Another fun bait-and-switch). Utterly frustrated, we locked in yet another vehicle, without even seeing photos. I asked if it was equivalent to the one just sold out from under us, and I was told it was. But guess what? We then find out it’s been in an accident! So after a month of total bull, we FINALLY are told our car has arrived, despite the fact it was supposed to arrive on the 21st and we couldn’t pick this one up until the 24th, and making sure it got here before we left for Vegas was another total nightmare! And it’s an extra $149 for shipping, even though CarMax was the one who screwed us over multiple times. I have a finance license, so I confirmed the bank had everything they need and we are good to go. They tell us everything is all set. We drive from Michigan to Indiana. We are in the store for less than 3 minutes when the GM, who looks and acts like he’s 18, tells me there’s a problem with the bank and they can’t use my husband’s 1099 from the Government as proof of income because, “they can’t see the deposit in our bank account”. What?! A 1099 is proof of income, it’s not a deposit slip! How does a Manager not know this? How does any Manager of a car dealership not know what basics tax forms are?! So I have to teach this GM about income statements and tax documents. As a customer, I know more about financing and cars than their staff does, and I’m a woman! This place had 3 weeks to get their act together, and instead we drove 3 hours to this dealership, that is a complete JOKE! Why didn’t they already have everything ready, and why make us drive this far before you had everything finalized? And then they are all looking at us like deer in headlights, acting like this is no big deal! Unbelievable! We spent a month and at least 50 total hours on the phone with CarMax during this process, and I wouldn’t wish this disaster on anyone! Even better, we had an appointment scheduled by the GM days in advance, and yet our sales guy was at lunch when we got there and still hasn’t showed his face. How crazy is THAT? (Josh). They need to fire this incompetent GM, teach their staff how to get files ready in advance, and make sure their ducks are in a row before people drive 6-8 hours round-trip to be told, “oops, we made a mistake”. Then they all stand around acting like it’s no big deal, while my husband and I teach THEM how car sales and financing actually work, seeing as my husband sold cars for Lincoln for 15 years, and I have a finance license and work in the legal field! We aren’t exactly stupid people, and it’s why I verbally confirmed everything before making this treacherous drive. So if you love the thought of being bait-and-switched, defrauded, lied to a dozen times, and dealing with incompetent and an unprofessional staff, then this is the place for you. If not, then steer clear at all costs. No one should EVER have to go through what we have, and I’m writing this review to hopefully save you from the same xxxx we’ve endured. Just don’t buy from here. Don’t. You will absolutely regret it. We watched another couple that came in from Michigan go through a similar ordeal while waiting around for answer

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