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The Ford Explorer has been one of Ford’s more popular models since its first-generation release in 1991. It’s now in its fifth-generation of production, which won the 2011 North American Truck of the Year award, signifying the brand’s commitment to excellence in the production of this SUV. This generation focused on a stylish front-end design, better fuel mileage, improved technology interfaces and a new engine in 2016.

Compare prices, years and local dealerships selling a Ford Explorer below. When ready, select any Ford Explorer for sale near you or search additional Ford Explorers nearby to find your perfect Explorer and schedule a test drive today.

Shopping for the Best Price on a Ford Explorer for Sale Near You

When shopping around for a new Ford Explorer, you need to consider a few different factors when it comes to pricing. In addition to researching the price of vehicles in your area, you also need to factor in the extra cost of tax, title and license fees. The collection of these three add-on fees can add thousands of dollars onto the sticker price of the vehicle. As a result, you need to think about this extra cost before you buy a Ford Explorer so you know that it’s an affordable option.

To avoid any surprises, you should talk to the dealership’s sales rep and ask what the out-the-door price is on the car you’re looking at. They should be willing to incorporate those costs into the final asking price so you can determine what your financing plan would look like. The sales teams at dealerships can calculate all the additional costs ahead of time so you know what the final price would be. By doing this, it can also help you when it’s time to negotiate the final price of the car.

Ford Explorer Trims & Pricing by Year

The Ford Explorer has different trim options available depending on the model year you’re looking at. Once you’ve narrowed down which year you’re interested in, it’s smart to look at each trim level to make sure you’re not overpaying for features you don’t need. Use the research numbers below to help narrow down your search for the perfect Ford Explorer for sale near you.

2019 Ford Explorer:

  • Price Range: $32,365 - $54,165
  • Trims: Base, XLT, Limited, Sport and Platinum 

2018 Ford Explorer:

  • Price Range: $23,797 - $54,707
  • Trims: Base, XLT, Limited, Sport and Platinum

2017 Ford Explorer:

  • Price Range: $18,720 - $36,776
  • Trims: Base, XLT, Limited, Sport and Platinum

2016 Ford Explorer:

  • Price Range: $17,584 - $35,584
  • Trims: Base, XLT, Limited, Sport and Platinum

2015 Ford Explorer:

  • Price Range: $15,080 - $30,108
  • Trims: Base, XLT, Limited and Sport

Buying a car is a big decision and knowing about every cost associated with it is a crucial component to the car-buying process. It’s wise to be prepared so you walk off the dealer lot knowing you received a deal you can afford.

Ford Explorers Near Me

  • 2003 Ford Explorer

    • 324,455 mi
    • $876
  • 2000 Ford Explorer

    • 283,121 mi
    • $1,200
  • 2000 Ford Explorer

    • 253,810 mi
    • $999
  • 2015 Ford Explorer

    • 998,821 mi
    • $18,855
  • 2002 Ford Explorer

    • 236,022 mi
    • $699
  • 2003 Ford Explorer

    • 269,342 mi
    • $1,500
  • 2005 Ford Explorer

    • 307,877 mi
    • $3,241
  • 2002 Ford Explorer

    • 272,296 mi
    • $1,900
  • 1999 Ford Explorer

    • 238,679 mi
    • $1,977
  • 2002 Ford Explorer

    • 244,142 mi
    • $2,100
  • 2005 Ford Explorer

    • 247,052 mi
    • $2,409
  • 2002 Ford Explorer

    • 239,651 mi
    • $1,982
  • 2007 Ford Explorer

    • 253,122 mi
    • $4,157
  • 2006 Ford Explorer

    • 245,108 mi
    • $3,699
  • 1999 Ford Explorer

    • 229,064 mi
    • $2,250
  • 2002 Ford Explorer

    • 236,429 mi
    • $2,985

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