What Does Mopar Mean?

Posted by Staff | January 3, 2019

If you spend much time around car enthusiasts, you are likely to hear the word Mopar thrown around. Likewise, you’ll probably come across Mopar at a Chrysler dealership. This is because the word Mopar is tied directly into the history of Chrysler. But what is Mopar? And what does it mean?

The word Mopar itself is actually a combination of the words “motor” and “parts.” The word was first used back in the 1920s to sell Chrysler car parts. The name became its own brand starting in 1937. Since those early days, Mopar has come to be an umbrella term used to describe the different vehicles and parts that make up the different brands that Chrysler has owned over the years.

Throughout the years, Chrysler has manufactured some of the most familiar domestic brands around. This has included Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, and the Dodge Ram trucks (such as the Ram 1500). Most recently, Chrysler has merged with Fiat, bringing some of the largest European vehicle brands under the Mopar moniker. While Mopar does not actually manufacture cars directly, Chrysler has used Mopar products to produce different types limited-edition vehicles over the years.

Because of the popularity of Chrysler hot rods and muscle cars throughout the years, the Mopar name is often associated with aftermarket performance. Using their Mopar name, Chrysler jumped into the growing aftermarket car parts scene in the 1960s. Since then, the Mopar name has become synonymous with automotive racing. The Mopar parts company does sponsor drivers and vehicles in different automotive venues, from Formula Drift to NASCAR. But the Mopar name is also used for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts as well as Mopar accessories.

So whether you are looking for performance parts to put on your 1967 Plymouth Barracuda, or looking to buy routine maintenance parts for your 2018 Dodge Challenger, there is a good chance that both parts will come with the Mopar logo. While it may have started out as a marketing term to sell motor parts, Mopar has evolved into a name that covers a lot of ground and carries a lot of history.

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