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We're flattered you're curious about us, but we're not the ones who deserve the love!

Meet the Auto.com Team
We have a lot of fun putting together great ways to help you fall in love with your next car and we want to share those good times with you! Watch the "Meet the Auto.com Launch Team video" for a glimpse of the Auto.com launch team working "under the hood" to bring you the best online car shopping experience.

our team

We believe finding and owning the perfect car is a truly unique experience. It can be frustrating at times, but is anything worth doing ever easy? Falling in love with a car gives you the freedom and independence that very few other things in life truly offer.

  • Greg-mcgivney-v2

    Greg McGivney

    GM & VP of Strategy & Business Development

    Likes: Aston Martin DB9

  • Gonzalo_banuelos

    Gonzalo Bañuelos

    Sr Software Engineer

    Likes: Toyota Prius

  • Tom_dugovic

    Tom Dugovic

    Software Engineer

    Likes: Nissan GT-R

  • Bruno

    Bruno Fagundez

    Software Engineer

    Likes: Tesla S

  • Sterling_foiles

    Sterling Foiles

    Senior Data Architect

    Likes: Ford Ranger

  • Cintia

    Cintia Verónica Forray

    QA Engineer

    Likes: Toyota Sequoia

  • Josh

    Josh Illian

    Software Engineer

    Likes: Tesla S

  • Jere_headshot

    Jeremias Lucca

    Quality Assurance Engineer

    Likes: Ford Mustang GT

  • Karla

    Karla Palomino

    Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Matt_headshot

    Matt Rieger

    Software Engineer

    Likes: Mazda3

  • Eric_thiele

    Eric Thiele

    Development Operations Engineer

    Likes: Volkswagen GTI

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